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    Dr Paul Leyland

    Does anyone else use the Handbook table to observe TNOs or am I an outlier?

    On returning to La Palma a week ago my scope still needs a bit of work, including new darks and flats taking, so photometry is not yet feasible. Accordingly one of my early imaging session was spent on (174567) Varda and the admittedly poor quality result can be seen on my images page for the time being. The sky transparency wasn’t very good and the seeing poor at 3-6 as.

    I have asked before for additions to the tags available for members’ images. I recognize there are limits but may I make a plea for “Asteroid”, “TNO” (or “Trans Neptunian Object”) and for the named asteroid list be extended to include them? A bitter irony is that the current cut-off lies at “174565 2003 HC”, so Varda only just misses out.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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