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    Martin Mobberley

    BAA members may be interested to learn that our former President and prolific supernova discoverer, Tom Boles, has written a novel which has just been published. It’s called ‘DARK ENERGY: A Brad Willis Adventure’ The blurb on Amazon describes the plot as follows:

    ‘When two explosions occur killing three people, the scientific community is on full alert. The explosions appear to be unrelated. Their only connection is that they happened in scientific centres of excellence in Switzerland and the United States. Brad Willis knows that he must uncover the secret to save more lives from being lost.

    MI6 calls on Willis to use his background as an astronomer to infiltrate the site of the Large Hadron Collider to discover the truth behind the claims. When Willis starts to uncover the facts, everyone is under suspicion… until they start dying. The situation gets worse when he uncovers the murders are related to a potential world-changing discovery of a new sub-atomic particle, that has the potential to manipulate commodity markets worldwide.’

    Sounds fascinating! I have just ordered a copy on Amazon Prime.


    Nick James

    I too have ordered a copy. Tom’s unsolicited email campaign is clearly working! I wonder if the plot includes a hero who drives his car at supersonic speeds but is shopped to the local feds by a trusted colleague?

    Thomas Boles

    …and we know who that was. His name is similar to a well-known sweet. Chocolate ones. Thanks for splashing out on a copy. Today I manged 6 decent ratings on Amazon in 14 days – not bad.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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