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    Michael O’Connell

    Back home now after a successful trip to the US.
    Originally planned to view the eclipse from Dallas, but alas the weather forecast was looking terrible, so we decided to drive to Mena, Arkansas.
    I’ve uploaded a few images to the Member’s Gallery:

    Diamond Ring – C2

    HDR image of Totality

    Diamond Ring – C3

    A truly wonderful, awesome, surreal experience.
    6th time in the Moon’s total shadow – 5th to have clear skies.
    Looking forward to Spain 2026 already!

    Michael O’Connell

    On the HDR image, you will see the double star to the LHS of the Sun.
    They are Zeta Piscium A & B, magnitude +5.2 and +6.4 respectively.

    Below it, you will see 88 Piscium, mag +6.19

    To the unaided eye, Venus was visible several minutes before totality.
    Jupiter was easy to see once totality started.
    Saturn was spotted soon after, and finally Mars.

    Kwong Man

    Very nice captures !
    How did you capture them ? Telescope or camera and did you use a computer to automate the sequence during the eclipse.

    I have only seen 1 TSE in Cornwall through thick cloud and did not see the corona in August 1999.


    Michael O’Connell

    Hi Kwong
    Yes, I used a program called Set’N’c to automate the exposures and allow me to enjoy the eclipse visually.
    All details of each photo are outlined on each image page.

    Mike Foylan

    Nice work Michael, thank you for posting those amazing images.

    Mike German

    Thanks for sharing your images with non-globe trotting entusiasts!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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