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    Posted by David Strange at 13:20 on 2012 Dec 18

    Not at its closest approach, but here is a short animation of the recent Toutatis flyby. 30×20 sec exposures with Celestron 8:


    Posted by Edward Sawyer at 02:42 on 2013 Feb 09

    David, Can you give a date or RA and dec of that super image.Ed


    Posted by Richard Miles at 21:46 on 2013 Feb 11

    Edward,That’s a nice time-sequence which David captured.My reckoning gives the centre of the image at R.A. 03:34:18.9, Dec. +13:41:40The date and time must be close to 2012 December 16 20:00-20:12 UTCheers,Richard


    Posted by David Strange at 23:25 on 2013 Feb 11

    Edward,I think Richard has already given you the answer! I can only add that it was a sequence of 30x20s exposures with a C8 @ f/2 in hyperstar mode and SXV H9C CCD. Hope to get 2012 DA14 with the same set up on Friday if the skies clear.David

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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