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    Helen Whittle

    I’m not sure if this post will make it to the forum, but I’m unable to change any part of my Web Profile. Every time I attempt to add an avatar or update my display name, I get: “Error: that email address is already in use.”. Is there a simple solution to this issue?


    Andy Whittle.

    Andy Wilson

    Hi Andy,
    I have just started my Christmas holiday, so I am not sure we will get this fixed until next year. I can see roughly what has happened, though it is a little involved.
    I can see you have a family membership. However, you are both the main family member, and a second copy of you is set as the other family member, with the same email address. This could be confusing the systems and causing things to go wrong. It looks as though changes were made around July this year via the Sheep online account. Without giving out personal details on the forum, I wonder if the other family member may have originally been someone else, perhaps your wife.
    To fix this we will either need to reset you back to 2 different people in your family membership, or delete the other copy of you. We might also need to delete your website account, and get you to set up a fresh one, but we will only do that if the first step does not fix this.
    To avoid putting personal data on the forum, I suggest we contact each other away from the forum. I will send you an email to the address we hold on the system.
    Best wishes,
    Andy (BAA Systems Manager)

    Helen Whittle

    Thanks for the prompt reply, hope you have a fantastic Christmas break.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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