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    Jeremy Shears

    Just a reminder that this evening Uranus will be occulted by the Moon, at least for those north of the bold line 1 in the attached chart from the Handbook. Those on the line will experience a graze. Times (from Tim Haymes’ column in the current Lunar Section Circular; UT):

    Birmingham 22:39
    Manchester 22:31
    Leeds 22:30
    Edinburgh 22:20
    Aberystwyth 22:33
    Belfast 22:19

    Hopefully people will get good views. Weather prospects are not good in Cheshire. At least the smoke from NYE fireworks will have cleared (even if the fog persists)

    Alex Pratt

    Jeremy, thanks for the reminder.
    I’ve attached the worldwide list – from Occult software.

    Alex Pratt

    My C11 at f/10 and Watec 910HX camera caught the tiny ghostly disc of Uranus up to about a minute before disappearance at the dark limb, then it was swamped by the thin cloud and glare from the gibbous Moon.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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