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    Mr Jack Martin

    As I have never attended I decided to go next year.

    I phoned to book but to my surprise / disappointment was told it was sold out after 3 days !

    I am on the reserve list.

    Can I suggest to the organisers, that in future a certain number of places are allocated to give first timers a chance to go?



    Essex UK


    David Arditti

    Thanks for the suggestion, Jack. I’ll take this issue to Council. I’m not sure it should be solved in the way you suggest; maybe relocating the event to a venue with bigger capacity, or holding another similar event elsewhere is the way to go. It certainly seems to be a victim of its own success.

    Roger Dymock

    Not just first-timers who have missed out. Agree with David that we do need a larger venue.

    George Fleming

    I agree that it needs a larger venue and something more in middle England – Winchester is a long drive from the North! I enjoyed the Warwick University Meeting this year and it might well have the capacity?

    Gary Poyner

    Speaking personally, I wouldn’t want to see the Winchester weekend moved.  Travelling down to Winchester in early Spring has become a bit of a habit for me  – 41 years now.   The location is good (nice and rural for a city dweller like me).  I enjoyed the Warwick meeting of course, but Winchester remains my favourite astro-meet of the year!


    Lars Lindhard

    We look forward to the live streaming  🙂

    Andy Wilson

    Hi Lars,

    To avoid any possible confusion. Live streaming is only possible where the meeting is at a venue that is able to provide the live streaming for us. Thus far that has only been possible at the Institute of Physics in London, and so this should not be expected for Winchester or other venues.

    Whenever possible we try to record meetings (different to live streaming and much easier from a technical point of view) so they may be added to the website for members to watch.



    Nick James

    I suspect that was what the “:-)” was for!

    Geoff Grayer

    George Fleming wrote: “I agree that it needs a larger venue and something more in middle England”. But if it was moved, it wouldn’t be the Winchester Weekend, would it? And why should the Newbury Astronomical Society organise something twice as far away? If you want a similar meeting in the Midlands, then organise one as good yourself ! And the venue suits us fine, thanks.

    Robin Leadbeater

    I thought this was a BAA meeting

    Eric Watkins

    Exactly my thoughts Robin.

    I too thought this was a BAA meeting organised for it’s members.  Certainly a larger venue would allow for the attendance of more members.  I would like to attend next year’s one which I think has Exoplanets as it’s topic.  If I can’t get into that one then after 51 years unbroken membership I would have to reconsider my position as a member.

    However, if wee not careful this thread could descend to the unfriendly depths found on other forum sites.


Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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