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BAA Meeting 'Video' for 1997 October!

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BAA Meeting 'Video' for 1997 October!

Eighteen years after the event, I have attempted to recreate one of Patrick's quickest ever talks at a BAA meeting. A seven minute update about progress on restoring the 72-inch Birr reflector. I had to 'order' Patrick to give the talk (!) as he had said, with time running short, his talk was not important..... Of course, in reality, it was probably the one talk people really wanted to hear. His speech is so rapid it is hard to follow every word, but I think I have inserted his slides in the right sequence, including the one that was upside down (the Australian view as he put it). The youtube URL is below....hopefully this will work, although sometimes these get mysteriously corrupted into something else.....


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Whilst looking for something

Whilst looking for something else I came across this thread where Martin had uploaded a talk Patrick gave in 1997. It's a lovely talk. Worth bumping up the list of forum topics to allow others to enjoy it [again].


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I remember that

I remember Patrick giving that talk at Saville row all those years ago.....I must be getting old!
Worth a listen again though.

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Thanks Martin.

Thanks Martin.

Would be interesting to put names to the people from the BAA, @ 5:22 in the video, who visited the telescope in 1997. I recognise a couple of the Irish people in attendance.