Comet prospects for 2024

Comet prospects for 2024

From the Handbook:  2024hbk.pdf2024.pdf

From the Journal: jbaa, JBAA 2024 supplement.pdf

Comet prospects for 2023

From the Handbook:  2023hbk.pdf2023.pdf

From the Journal: jbaa_13206.pdf, JBAA 2023 supplement.pdf

Comet prospects for 2022

From the Handbook:  2022hbk.pdf2022.pdf

From the Journal: jbaa_26405.pdfJBAA 2022 supplement.pdf

Prospects from previous years





JBAA supplement pages

JBAA 2021 supplement.pdf

JBAA 2022 supplement.pdf

JBAA 2023 supplement.pdf


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