RESULTS FROM JUNO (2018, Perijoves 11-17)

The Juno mission continues throughout 2018, with the spacecraft in a 53-day orbit around Jupiter.

Annotated images from Juno’s camera (JunoCam), and our comments on them, will be posted on this page:  see links at bottom of this page. 

They are also posted on the JunoCam web site itself:

Images from JunoCam are posted in the ‘Image Processing’ section of that web site.  Credit for all original images:  NASA / SwRI (Southwest Research Institute) / MSSS (Malin Space Science Systems).  See our report on the PJ6 images for a brief explanation of the image products available.


Reviews of Juno’s scientific findings to date, as well as amateur involvement with JunoCam, were given at a special workshop in London in 2018 May, organised by John Rogers and Leigh Fletcher.  The workshop’s web site includes the workshop programme, and a 5-page review of it, and all the talks:

Here is our BAA news item about it with this and other links:

Here is a 3-page review of the workshop published in the Journal of the BAA:  JBAA 128-6 Juno conference.pdf


Tables and diagrams of all Juno’s orbits from 2016 to 2021, including exact times and longitudes, are given in a link below (updated 2018 Oct.).

Dates of the perijoves in 2018 are as follows: 

PJ11 2018 Feb 7
PJ12 2018 Apr 1
PJ13 2018 May 24
PJ14 2018 Jul 16
PJ15 2018 Sep 7
PJ16 2018 Oct 29
PJ17 2018 Dec 21
  • Juno at PJ17
  • Juno at PJ16
  • Juno at PJ15
  • Juno at PJ14
  • Juno at PJ13
  • Juno at PJ12
  • Juno at PJ11
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