Mars Opposition Blog 2022 July 24

There is little to add to the previous post, except that signs of dust activity around the edge of the retreating SPC are abating.

Today, we are posting a set of hand-drawn maps by Makoto Adachi on the Maps page. These already appear at his Mars Section pages of the ALPO Japan Mars website.

Makoto Adachi’s newly drawn albedo maps (completed Spring 2022) bring the classic Ebisawa map of 1957 up to date, and offer versions with or without the classic nomenclature. We have been given permission by Adachi to upload the maps here. The maps consist of three sectors of the planet either with or without Ebisawa’s telescopic nomenclature. (The Director gave some help with checking of the latter.) These new maps fall under the headings of “MRO public image” maps, which are the best resolution maps (with and without names), or “Mars Maps for visual observation”, which are presented at reduced resolution so as to closely confirm to telescopic observation. North up and south up versions are available. In a significant addition to the Ebisawa map, Adachi also presents N. and S. polar projections.

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