Mars Opposition Blog 2022 March 25

A summary of what to look for this opposition is appearing in the 2022 April BAA Journal, which will be delivered in a few days.

Makoto Adachi has hand-drawn a remarkable new albedo map based upon recent spacecraft data, and has spent many hours adding the telescopic nomenclature by Ebisawa. In the course of helping to check the names on the map, he and I noticed that a very small number of his named features on the map do not appear in his published list of features, and vice versa. We shall publish this map online later, with his consent.

In February the Director had his wooden observatory dome damaged by fallen trees, and he asks if any BAA readers living locally would be in a position to offer any help with repairs? I have so far been unable to interest any local Northants repairer in the job. If you can help, or know somebody who could, please contact me!

Richard McKim, Director

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