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David Strange

It’s also been spotted by observant non-astronomers!

Just received this query, to which I have replied.


Comment: Dear NLO team,

I wonder if you could help me please? On Friday night (24th May) at a out 11.30pm 2 of my friends and I watched a very strange phenomenon for a good minute, from a country lane just north of Totnes in Devon. (We were sober.)  We were admiring a very starry night sky, when we noticed what looked like a horizontal band of stars moving in unison from west to east across the sky. They didn’t fade away but steadily moved, with stars at the ‘front’ end more closely spaced together than those at the back, which seemed to lag. It was completely silent. There were no flashing or coloured lights to suggest it was a plane. Really odd. It almost looked like a train was gliding along up there , with lights showing from its windows . I’m guessing this was an illusion caused by something, but would be grateful if you can explain as it has mystified us! Many thanks. Karen