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    Nick James

    Thanks Paul. I’ll have a look when I get a dull moment.

    Grant Privett

    Watched for the 00:08 pass from here in Salisbury. A single 3rd mag satellite went through at about 0:08 but certainly nothing else brighter than 5th mag was seen for 3-4 mins either side.

    Perhaps their shape means there will be passes when they are bright and other faint – a bit like iridium flares.

    Nick James

    Yes, very variable brightness and separation. I’ve posted a frame from my video here. I’ll put the full video up shortly.

    Dr Paul Leyland

    The LSST software stack has an implementation in Python.  I installed the stack a couple of weeks ago  — a not entirely trivial exercise but that’s another story.  The learning curve is going to be a hard climb. The tutorial is good but limited.

    David Strange

    It’s also been spotted by observant non-astronomers!

    Just received this query, to which I have replied.


    Comment: Dear NLO team,

    I wonder if you could help me please? On Friday night (24th May) at a out 11.30pm 2 of my friends and I watched a very strange phenomenon for a good minute, from a country lane just north of Totnes in Devon. (We were sober.)  We were admiring a very starry night sky, when we noticed what looked like a horizontal band of stars moving in unison from west to east across the sky. They didn’t fade away but steadily moved, with stars at the ‘front’ end more closely spaced together than those at the back, which seemed to lag. It was completely silent. There were no flashing or coloured lights to suggest it was a plane. Really odd. It almost looked like a train was gliding along up there , with lights showing from its windows . I’m guessing this was an illusion caused by something, but would be grateful if you can explain as it has mystified us! Many thanks. Karen

    Alex Pratt

    The 21st century’s ‘Vermin of the Sky’.     🙂

    Gary Poyner

    I saw the local midnight pass last night in Brum – by pure chance!  Looked away from the eyepiece and there they were, appearing out of a bank of high cloud by CrB and heading over to Lyr.  Impressive in Bins too.  Several got very bright (+1.0 and brighter) .  They appeared to come over in three waves.  Quite a sight.


    Dr Andrew Smith

    At least it will stop anyone seeing an approaching UFO through that lot!


    Neil Morrison

    Dutch  observers are  reporting  that last  evening  28th May  Flashes of   light reflecting off the  chain of  Satellites  were  as bright  as  first magnitude.  I  saw  very brief naked  eye flashes myself  from the leading  satellite .   A coat of matt black paint , Mr Musk , would be a first  step towards mitigating this problem perhaps?

    Dr Paul Leyland

    Musk has already stated that they’re looking at darkening the satellites.  Unfortunately, painting them matt black will end up cooking the electronics by solar heating.

Viewing 10 posts - 21 through 30 (of 30 total)
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