(192) Nausikaa occults TYC 1401-01950-1 on May 3rd

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    Tim Haymes

    Observers in Scotland and Eastern areas of England might like to follow the occultation of this 11.7 magnitude star by 99km diameter asteroid Nausikaa on evening of May 3rd. It is listed in the 2024 BAAH page 57 as a favourable UK prediction. The UK event time is between 2137 and 2139 UT, with a duration of up to 6.9 seconds.

    The shadow passes through France, Belgium, Switzerland and Italy. The event has a nice long duration making it easier to detect. Closer examination should reveal the asteroid approaching the star. They are usually merged 5 min before.

    Imaging in “near-real-time” is suggested, with a camera at 2 to 5 fps depending on aperture.

    A view through an eyepiece would be equally interesting.

    Clear skies….

    (Asteroids and Remote Planets Section)

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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