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    I am sure by now, members will know. There is a new SN visible in NGC 6946.

    But- If you don’t. Here is a link giving details of where to find it.


    Clear skies permitting. I will try to image it.



    Yes it’s exciting; cloudy in Nottingham and my C11 is at the telescope hospital anyway.

    There is another forum thread about the supernova:


    Jeremy and Andy Wilson published a brief article on it also this morning:


    Looking forward to seeing your images of it.


    Andy Wilson

    Hi Paul,

    That is a very useful webpage, thanks for sharing.

    Though I usually do spectroscopy, this is not the right kind of target for my setup. So I’m hoping to take a look at it though my Dobsonian instead.




    It has been a very long time, since we had a bright SN visible in the Northern Hemisphere.

    I want to look at it and possibly image. But the weather has now turned. I hope members with better skies. Are able to send in useful observations. Wherever they may be, before the supernova fades.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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