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    Andy Wilson

    Please note the following errata to the 2022 BAA Handbook.

    P3 – November 8 should be ‘Total lunar eclipse – not visible from the UK’, not a partial solar eclipse.

    P24 – Venus superior conjunction is blank when it should be 22nd October 2022 as per the Sky Diary on page 5.

    P35 – The Lunar Libration charts were transposed. A replacement is available for download and printing as needed from the Handbook area of the website: https://britastro.org/handbook

    Andy Wilson

    Please note the following corrections to the Venus conjunctions on page 24 of the 2022 Handbook.

    Venus Superior Conjunction
    Should read “Superior Conjunction: Oct. 22” not “Superior Conjunction: -”
    This is correct in the Sky Diary – page 5
    Actual UT time of Venus superior conjunction – 2022 Oct 22 21:17

    Venus Inferior Conjunction
    Should read “Inferior Conjunction: Jan. 9” not “Inferior Conjunction: Jan. 8”
    This event is omitted from the Sky Diary – should be page 4
    Actual UT time of Venus inferior conjunction – 2022 Jan 9 0:48

    I’ve created a PDF of errata on the Handbook webpage.




    Lars Lindhard

    It seems that the replacement PDFs with 2022 Handbook Errata got lost in the process

    Martin Burger

    Has anything been done about the strange data re Moonrise and moonset in the 2022 handbook?
    On dates where there is no moonrise a spurious figure appears for moonrise and moonset is “–:–“.
    I hope this will not be perpetuated in the 2023 edition.
    Martin Burger

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