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    Tim Haymes

    On Sunday Oct 29 at 0008 BST (i.e. 2308UT on Saturday) the 117km +/-1km main belt asteroid (508) Princetonia will occult a star in Cetus. The drop will be up to 1.0 mag for a maximum of 12seconds for an observer near the center of the path which crossed N Ireland, Central England and Wales, and the SE.

    Details on OWC for star at 00:13:54.3 -9:52:24.2 (J2000)


    The asteroid and star are of similar brightness, so the pairing could be imaged up to about 5 min before the appulse, when the two will merge to give a combined magnitude of 12.6. The asteroid+star are in a field of brighter stars suitable for star hopping.

    Of the nine previous occultations by (508) [ Source: Occult 4 ] one was 4 chords, one with 2, and the remainder 1. So this is an opportunity to help refine the shape of (508) if circumstance allows. There is Full Moon nearby ! having emerge from a partial eclipse earlier in the evening.
    Observations and recordings welcomed by the Asteroid and Remote Planet Section.

    Best of luck and clear skies.

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    Tim Haymes

    When observing/recording, the event will occur near 2309 UT. so best to record video from 2308 to 2310 UT in the UK (see the graphic).
    For most observers with access to NTP, it would be best to use the Meinberg software to keep the computer clock sync’ed to UT.

    The recording software of my choice is SharpCap, where SER or FITS images can be selected with recording between 10 and 3 fps. (dependent on the instrument and camera). With a 20cm and mono CMOS, an exposure of 100ms may be possible. All depends on transparency and light pollution levels, so the only way to tell is at the telescope. As long as the 12.6 mag target is detected clearly, a result is possible. The ARPS section can perform the analysis and help prepare a report.

    Cheers – Tim
    ARPS (Occultations)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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