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    I’ve uploaded a short video of the final talk at the BAA Centenary meeting in 1990…..Seems like yesterday, even though it was almost 25 years ago. Entertaining stuff! Hopefully the URL won’t acquire a prefix this time! I’ve now uploaded 7 audio tracks and 1 video from archive material which I have unearthed, and which I think will be of interest/amusement….

    Anyway, the new video lives here:



    I’ve just uploaded another BAA talk by Patrick which may be of interest. This is an audio recording from November 1994 when Richard McKim invited Patrick to recall his 60 years of BAA membership. Some interesting and hilarious recollections in this talk, despite it only being 14 minutes long.


    Jimmy Fraser

    Hi Martin,

    Many thanks for uploading these video and audio recordings of Patrick and others. I remember taping the Guy Hurst interview on cassette but the tape got chewed….so nice to hear that again too!



    Thanks Jimmy,

    I’ve been working on a 1984 BAA Lunar Section Meeting audio recording of a Patrick talk for the past few days, but the sound is so poor I will have to add subtitles……could take a few weeks work to grapple with that one and bring it to life!


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