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    Dominic Ford

    I’ve just finished processing the video of Nick James’ Sky Notes talk from Wednesday’s meeting. You can watch it on YouTube here:

    I’m still processing the other talks, but they should be available to members within the next couple of days.

    Nick James

    Thanks Dominic for doing this so quickly and thanks to everyone who provided material. The video thumbnail shows a frame from one of Mattias Malmer’s amazing 67P shape model videos. There are a lot more examples on his home page here.

    Denis Buczynski

    I enjoyed watching the sky notes and look forward to seeing the rest of the meeting talks on video. I really appreciate this service as part of my BAA membership.Living so far away from London I cannot attend meetings. However I do want to hear the talks and lectures given by the excellent speakers that the BAA ( Hazel Collett) persuades to participate at our meetings. I was worried that this video service would go by the wayside due to the large effort required by the compiler to complete the task. I am very happy to see it continue and would like to personally thank Dominic for posting themfor us to see.

    Denis buczynski 

    Dominic Ford

    Hi Denis (and everyone),

    I’ve just finished processing the other videos, which you can find here:

    You need to be a BAA member (logged into the website) to see beyond the first two minutes of each talk.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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