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    Andy Wilson

    It is my pleasure to report that the BAA VSS database has now reached 2.5 million observations. This is down to the dedication of VSS observers over the entire history of the BAA.

    The first observation is in fact a few decades before the formation of the BAA. It is of Alpha Herculis recorded at magnitude 3.1 by T W Backhouse at 10:20pm on 23rd September 1862. Regular observations start to be recorded the year after the formation of the BAA, from January 1891.

    The most recent observation is a CCD observation made by Ian Miller of “1RXS J185310.0+594509” recorded at magnitude 15.76 at 2:40 UT this morning 23rd July. We also have 6 visual observations submitted tonight by our most recent contributor, David Scanlan, of stars in Lyra, Hercules, Cepheus and Cassiopeia on 21st July. Even though a lot of CCD observations are submitted, the majority of VSS observers are still visual.

    The current database total stands at 2,502,567 observations, breakdown as follows:

    Visual:  1,877,282

    CCD:  619,644

    DSLR:  3,928

    Photographic:  1,713

    Congratulations to all our observers from the past 152 years!

    Andy Wilson (BAAVSS Database Secretary)

    David Scanlan, FRAS

    Thats a great achievement and a glowing testimony to the dedication of the variable star observers of the BAA, past and present

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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