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    Martin Mobberley

    I posted a message yesterday but I received an ‘awaiting moderation’ message and the post still has not appeared!!
    Anyway, I was trying to alert historians and archivists to the new BBCrewind website.
    This contains thousands of videos from old BBCTV footage. By typing ‘telescope’ into the search window I found
    some fascinating clips, especially H.P. Wilkins and John Wall at Crayford in 1959, plus Wilkins in his garden in
    1953, talking about the controversial O’Neill’s bridge on the Moon. There are some other fascinating clips too,
    such as the 16″ AE Cross-Axis Cassegrain at Armagh, described by Terence Murtagh, and a big 18-inch telescope,
    also at Crayford.

    I’m avoiding posting web links as maybe that was why my last post was censored?!

    Just Google BBCrewind and then type telescope into the search field.


    Daryl Dobbs

    Alas the new website only allows 3 website links in a post, seems a low number?

    Lars Lindhard

    Alas, only for the chosen few

    “Thank you for coming to Rewind. This content is currently only available to audiences in the UK.”


    It seems a good resource. I found that simple search terms such as ‘astronomy’, ‘eclipse’ or ‘jodrell’ avoid too many non-relevant items.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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