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    Nick James

    Thanks for the feedback. It sounds as if it worked pretty well.

    Martin Lewis

     The live streaming worked really well for me and allowed me to enjoy a meeting that I had booked for but was unable to attend. Great innovation which I hope will be extended to future meetings. Thanks to those organising this.


    Mr Leonard Entwisle

    Worked well here in the Yorkshire borderland and much appreciated bit of astronomy as the wind and rain battered the house windows. Please repeat for some of the major meets if it can  be done as efficiently/smoothly.

    Andrew Robertson

    It worked very well. I managed to catch the last bit (Sky notes.)


    Callum Potter

    Many thanks for the feedback on the livestream – this was just the second time the IoP tech team had done this form their new HQ and a first for the BAA. 

    Sorry if finding the link was a little tricky (thanks Lars for posting) – we’ll take this as a learning point for the future.

    Everyone – have a very Merry Chrsitmas.


    Gary Poyner

    Now now James.  We had to give Nick something interesting to talk about!

    Just like to thank the BAA for putting on another excellent Christmas meeting.  Thank you all for your hard work and well done!

    The IOP is a terrific venue, and I look forward to more meetings there in the future.


    Peter Mulligan

    What an enjoyable experience watching the meeting live, I enjoyed the Titan lecture and Sky notes. There was a bit of pixilation now and then but nothing serious. The sound was loud and clear. I hope future meetings are broadcast live giving members who can’t attend the event the chance to watch.

    Nick James

    We’ll certainly try to do this again when we have the opportunity. I’ve just watched a few clips from the meeting on Youtube and the quality is very good. This was a learning experience for us but it worked well and we had around 30 people watching the livestream.

    We could livestream this meeting because that the IoP had the facilities and expertise to provide a very good user experience. This is not the case at our other venues. Hopefully we’ll be back at the IoP soon so that we can do this again and, hopefully, some of the other venues we use would be able to offer this in the future.

    Thanks again to the IoP for hosting the meeting and to Hazel Collett for the excellent organisation.

    Happy Christmas and look out for that comet (and those meteors and variable stars).


    Lars Lindhard

    I liked this meeting – my first live meeting in BAA – and look forward to next time.


    Ronan Newman

    Hi to the group.

    Hello again to Nick, its been a while since the Mayo Dark Sky Festival you attended and spoke twice at in 2016, thanks also for using my photo in your December Highlights talk at the IOP. Was a surprise but nice to see my photo being used in your talk. Thank again

      I would be delighted to present my new and in depth talk about Noctilucent Clouds to any English Astronomy Society if asked.

    Great Forum and great to be a member of the BAA.

    Off now to go observing…Thanks

    Ronan Newman 

    Nick James

    Hi Ronan. Glad you enjoyed the meeting watching from the west of Ireland. Yes I remember the wonderfully dark skies in Mayo and I hope you’re getting a great view of 46P when the weather cooperates.

    Nick James

    Lars. Glad you enjoyed it and found it useful. It’s certainly something that we want to do again when we can.

Viewing 12 posts - 21 through 32 (of 32 total)
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