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    Nick James

    We are now only two weeks away from the Comet Section meeting at the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich. It looks as if there will be no train strikes that weekend and spaces are still available so, if you haven’t already registered, now is the time to do so! Full details of the event can be found at:

    The nearest station to the venue is Cutty Sark which is on the DLR. From here it is only a few minutes’ walk to the museum with entry through the gates on Romney Road. There is also a bus stop right outside the museum for services 129, 177, 188, 286, 386 and N1. The grounds around the museum will open as normal at 7am but the doors will not open until 9am. We need to be out of the museum by 6pm. Please bring your Ticket Tailor booking with you so that we can check you off at the door. If you are early there are plenty of excellent places to buy coffee or breakfast between the station and the park.

    The meeting starts with an introduction in the Lecture Theatre at 9:30am followed by a walk up the hill for the special comet-themed planetarium show which will start just after 10am. If you arrive late you can meet us at the planetarium around 09:45 or join when the meeting proper starts back at the Lecture Theatre at 11am. There will be FAS and BAA representatives at the museum entrance, in the lecture theatre and at the planetarium to welcome you.

    We have a lunch break scheduled from 12:45 – 13:45. No lunch is provided so bring your own and eat it in beautiful Greenwich Park (sunny weather not guaranteed). You can also get lunch from the cafe at the museum although this is likely to be very busy and we only have an hour. There are plenty of great pubs in the area but getting lunch offsite would be very challenging given the timings. I suggest you don’t try and reserve any pub visits until after the meeting!

    All of the talks will be recorded and we will put them online after the event. The meeting schedule is quite tight but there will be an opportunity to ask questions and some time for discussion at the end of the meeting. This is a great opportunity to meet fellow comet enthusiasts face-to-face.

    My thanks to Flamsteed Astronomy Society and the NMM for making this meeting possible and to the BAA for support with administration and finances. We currently have over 80 people booked and I’m looking forward to seeing many of you there.

    Alex Pratt
    Nick James

    Yes, checking that your train actually exists is always good advice at the moment! Hopefully the work to rule won’t have a major impact.

    We have over 90 people registered so it should be a good day. We’ll probably end up in the Trafalgar after the meeting although it will probably be more rammed than usual even for a Saturday night in Greenwich. The Kaiser Chiefs are playing at the Naval College at 8:30pm. No doubt “I predict a riot” will be in the set but hopefully there won’t actually be one.

    Alex Pratt

    I’m getting an early morning train from Leeds. If that’s affected then “Expect me when you see me”. If my return train isn’t on time it causes problems getting back home. If so, “I predict a riot!” 🙂



    Michael O’Connell

    Hope you folks have a great event.
    I can’t make it unfortunately, but I’m looking forward to seeing the videos later.

    Nick James

    A fantastic day at the National Maritime Museum yesterday. We had over 100 people attend for a day of great talks about comets. My thanks to all the Flamsteed team and the people at the NMM who made the meeting possible, Dr. Greg Brown who gave us a great planetarium show, the speakers who were uniformly brilliant and to the audience who were really engaged and asked lots of excellent questions. My thanks also to Gill and Roger Perry who spent the day videoing the event. We’ll put the video online when it is ready.

    If you did attend yesterday I hope you enjoyed the day and got home OK. I’m clearly biased since I think comets are the most interesting objects in the universe but with the direct observation of exocomets I think I can now extend my section’s reach to other star systems.

    Mr Jack Martin

    A great day out meeting up with like minded folk the talks and facilities were excellent.
    A big thank you to the organisers.

    Mr Ian David Sharp

    Yes indeed, an excellent day!

    Alan White

    It was a most interesting day for me and excellent speakers and a wonderful setting too.

    This was my first ever BAA event attended, but have been a member for a while.

    Thanks to all the organising and delivering the day, much appreciated.

    Robin Leadbeater

    with the direct observation of exocomets I think I can now extend my section’s reach to other star systems.

    Perhaps I can contribute the first indirect observation of exocomets to the section ? “polluted white dwarfs”


    Nick James

    Robin – That’s really impressive! Alan’s talk was really fascinating. I’m in awe of the precision of modern observational astronomy. I had no idea that we had directly detected comets around other stars through photometry or that we had seen variable absorption lines in high-resolution spectra which are inferred to be comets in the circumstellar disk of beta Pictoris. I need to do a lot more reading on this.

    James Lancashire

    Well done to Flamsteed AS and NMM in offering this prestigious and appropriate venue. How lucky that the BAA Comet Section secured the seats here!
    Weather held out despite the forecast showers and humidity. Excellent range of topics and speakers with 30mins an ideal length. Bonus planetarium show!
    I overheard several chats wondering if Greenwich could host again. It was lucky to avoid rail/TFL strikes which would otherwise have given travel issues.
    Many thank to all the background organisation for a very enjoyable day. Look forward to clear, dark skies for comets, giant asteroids and meteor showers 🙂

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