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    This winter with high levels of rain I am suffering from condensation within my dome with the floor covered with Pulsars kit. This helps to minimise this. I would very much apprecite advise from members on which dehumifier is best suited for these conditions.

    Andy Wilson

    Hi Nick,

    I have a dehumidifier that I run in my observatory for a couple of hours after each observing session. I find this does a good job of removing the moisture that builds up on surfaces in the observatory. Important to note that you would need a low temperature dehumidifier as there are some which only work at room temperature.


    Jeremy Shears

    There is some more discussion on condensation here.


    Mr Jack Martin


    Which dehumidifier do you use and where is it available from ?



    Essex UK

    Peter Carson

    Hi Nick,

    For many years I used to run two small 60w tubular heaters located close to the mount and telescope which was covered with a large cotton sheet “tent”. The heaters where controlled by a time switch that put them on for a few hours generally before dawn when the equipment was at its coldest. This worked well in most situations. However in the late autumn when weather conditions can change rapidly between near freezing temperatures to a mild south westerly maritime airstream I still occasionally suffered condensation problems.

    Last summer I reduced the ventilation in the dome and installed a desiccant type dehumidifier which I run manually for a couple of hours on occasions when I think the conditions are likely to produce condensation or after I’ve shut the observatory up following an observing run.

    Since installing the dehumidifier I’ve not noticed any condensation problems even during weather conditions that would have previously been an issue.

    It’s important to purchase a desiccant based dehumidifier as the refrigerant types do not work at cold temperatures. The dehumidifier need not be large and can easily be purchased from most domestic appliance suppliers.


    Andy Wilson

    Hi Jack,

    I use an ecoair DD122 Classic Mk5. I got it a few years ago from an online retailer but I cannot remember who. As Peter says it is import to get desiccant based dehumidifier so it will work in cold temperatures. Here are a couple of pictures.

    I also run a 60W tube heater near my computer to avoid condensation causing problems with it.

    Best wishes,



    Hi Andy,

    Does the DD122 Classic Mk5. have a tube to allow the water to go out side?



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