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    Nick James

    Edited since I originally put the wrong date in the subject!

    Following Sandra Brantingham’s BAA alert sent at 0004 UTC I was on the lookout for NLC last night and there was a very nice display visible from Chelmsford. The attached image was taken at 0225 UTC looking east from a bedroom window. I’ve put a timelapse movie here:


    This runs from 02:21 – 04:18 and shows the NLC being replaced by cirrus through to sunrise.


    Mike Harlow

    NLC display also well seen from Ipswich.  I took a few shots with a hand held camera from an upstairs window!

    This one was taken at approx. 3.45BST

    Robin Leadbeater

    Seen here in Cumbria too (Looking north over the Solway Firth  ~ 00:30 UT)


    Jimmy Fraser

    Hi all,

    Certainly was a nice display. I left a camera on the bedroom window to record a timelapse and then went up to the local golf course to take some pictures/video. The main concern being to avoid falling into any bunkers in the half-light…left some footprints in the dew to bemuse any early golfers.



    Nick James

    Nice pics. Good use of a golf course!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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