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    Martina McGovern


    I would like to add a red dot finder to my DSLR mounted on a star tracker pro to help me find the right area !

    Can anyone recommend a model/supplier 

    Thank you

    Graham Winstanley

    Hi Martina,

    There is one here https://www.365astronomy.com/Blitz-Hotshoe-dSLR-Camera-Adapter-and-Red-Dot-Finder-COMBO.html. If you already have the finder you can just get the adapter. If you know someone with a 3d printer they could probably make the adapter. 

    I may just buy one myself.


    Roy Hughes

    Someone has beaten you to it.

    Just found a 3D printed adaptor on ebay!

    “Telescope red dot finder to Camera Hotshoe mount New 3D printed”


    Martina McGovern

    Thank you Graham much appreciated, I have A Celestron finder which came with my scope which I don’t use and I found this video on YouTube to make your own adapter to fit. As I have a few photography bits around I will try it first and then probably land up buying the purpose built adapter Combo. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=c9mwdeE2wMM

    Martina McGovern

    Hi Roy, thank you for the suggestion. As I said to Graham I will try the DIY route with some bits I already had 

    Martina McGovern

    Hi Graham

    In the end  I bought the adapter you suggested from 365 and it fits very well, I decided that a solid one piece solution was always going to be more reliable 

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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