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    James Dawson

    A widefield image of the Milky Way looking south from Harlech, North Wales; the Summer Triangle can be seen near the centre. Canon 6D, Samyang 14mm, f/2.6, ISO 1600, single 2 minute sub on EQ mount (unguided), with CLS clip filter (sky glow otherwise). Levels and curves adjusted in PhotoShop CS3. No darks or flats – in fact I find doing flatswith the 14mm lens impossible and looking for a solution for this.


    Jeremy Shears

    Wonderful image, James. Looks like you had good skies during your trip to North wales.

    All the best,


    Dominic Ford

    Nice work! Out of interest, is that the Astronomik clip filter? I’ve been wonder for a while whether that’s compatible with full-frame DSLRs, since the list of supported cameras doesn’t include the 6D. But it looks like it is!

    James Dawson

    Yes, there is now a full frame version. It doesn’t fit into the body of the camera in a stunningly conventional way, but it does the trick. One has to flip the mirror up, and drop the oblong filter in the hole. It seems a bit Heath Robinson, but is easy to put in and relatively easy to take out.


    David Scanlan, FRAS

    Great Image…well done 🙂



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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