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    Mr Kevin Gurney

    I have recently discovered the new deconvolution tool in PixInsight – BlurXterminator by Russell Croman
    It has only been available a couple of months I beleive..

    BlurXterminator uses a neural network to do deconvolution rather than the more usual Richardson-Lucy algorithms.

    The results are (IMHO) staggering…
    For an example,see the attached comparison between my original processing of M51 from last year (on right), and the new one with BlurXterminator (left)
    I originally used the normal deconvolution tools in PixInsight and was quite pleased with the result, given the normal expectations for this kind of rig and
    data set. (The original image, in full, is my personal gallery)

    The reworked version has much more detail and clarity. I have compared carefully with an HST image and can see no artefacts (always the risk with deconvoution and wavelet enhancement etc). Indeed the new version compares well with a slightly blurred (5×5 kernel) version of the HST image.

    Unlike many tools in PI, this one is simple to use :). I would strongly recommend any PI users to give it a go… (and likewise with Russell Cromans other tool NoiseExterminator – works like a dream…)

    I aim to rework a few more images to try and unearth all that latent data!

    Maxim Usatov

    Amazing results, Kevin. I can’t wait to try this.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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