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    owen brazell

    I applaud the option to look at a membership based around PDF versions of the publications. Something I get now with almost all my magazines. It certainly stops the clutter of unread magazines in the hose. I note that when we (Webb Sco) went PDF we did get a number of new members and with increasing postage costs it has helped us. It is unfortunate that the proposed program is only being rolled out to overseas members as I would certainly have signed up for it.


    Andy Wilson

    I very much hope that a digital subscription will be rolled out as an option to all members in the near future. I would like to take advantage of this cost efficient way of being a member, with the ability to access to the journal and handbook online. I subscribe to a number of astronomical organisations and magazines and the annual total is not insignificant. So I applaud initiatives like this.


    Jeremy Shears

    Hello Owen and Andy,

    Thanks for your interest in the introduction of digital membership to the BAA and your enthusiastic support for the idea. I am glad you like it – and it’s good to hear the positive result that the Webb Society had, Owen. I have set up a team to look at the effective implementation of digital membership. It is very much the intention that we will be able to roll it out it to the wider membership.

    I do want to reassure members who value receiving the printed Journal and Handbook, there is no intention of stopping them.

    All the best,



    I am a dinosaur,  who still prefers to recieve printed copies of WEB DSO and BAA Journal.

    I  wouldn’t object to giving a little extra, towards postage, for the Journal. PDF is OK, if you have a tablet that is big enough to do the contents justice. I only have a Kindle Fire. which is not suitable.

    James Lancashire

    I can’t see how to change my subscription. The PayPal link attempts to take full payment of £49.

    Andy Wilson

    Hi James,

    To change your membership type you need to contact the BAA Office, contact details:


    In time we wish to have a more streamlined system with our membership database better integrated with the website. For now this kind of change needs to be done by the BAA Office.

    Best wishes,

    Andy Wilson

    BAA Systems Administrator and Web Content Editor

    James Lancashire

    Thanks that was my second option. Now seems to be sorted for me by email.

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