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    We are after a digital high resolution, colour background to make a large planisphere (probably 1m in diameter) for 52 degrees north, showing the Milky Way and some Messier objects.

    Does anyone know where we can find one or make one?


    James Dawson
    Nottingham Astronomical Society

    Callum Potter

    Would be worth talking to @DominicFord – he has a generator at in-the-sky and it was used for generating a big planisphere in an Australian dark-sky park. You might be able to annotate the generated map, or Dominic might be able to help you.


    Dominic Ford

    Yes, I’m happy to help.

    On my website, you’ll find vector-graphics files for various planisphere parts here:

    You should be able to load the SVG or PDF files into any good vector graphics package (e.g. Adobe Illustrator or Inkscape) and print them at arbitrarily large sizes.


    Thanks both. That is great. Really useful resource. We are after one in colour with a graphic of the Milky Way too and some Messier objects.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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