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    Callum Potter

    Pluto observed using the iTelescope T18 scope in Spain.

    You can read more about this on my blog at

    Mike Foylan


    Nice Work Callum, an interesting image indeed, thanks for posting (thanks also for the latest Pluto image update on your blog too). Imaging Pluto is on my-to-do list sometime and with the “New Horizons” space probe on its way there presently I am sure Pluto will be more in the public domain, I wonder what new discoveries awaits!



    Callum Potter

    Thanks Mike – i guess for many of us of a certain age Pluto will always hold a fascination.

    For those not keeping up to date with my blog here is an image of Pluto on 30 July and 1st August.

    I’m not sure the orientation is right – as Martin Mobberley points out iTelescope T18 has a “weird PA”. I think North is at about 1 o’clock…

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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