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    David Salmon

    During Callum’s presentation at the recent Equipment and Techniques meeting there was reference to Raspberry Pi computers being used for telescope and equipment control using the INDI and INDIGO packages that are developing rapidly. During the discussion that followed some issues with power and overheating were noted with the most recent and significantly more powerful Raspberry Pi model 4 that was released a few months ago. There is a detailed article in MagPi magazine issue 88 that has just been published that goes into some depth on thermal testing and the improvements that have been made recently to the RasPi 4 through fine tuning and updated firmware. This (and other issues) of MagPi can be downloaded without cost as PDF documents via the web-site linked above.

    Incidentally, this issue also includes an article on constructing an astrophotography autoguider that may also be of interest.


    Callum Potter

    Thanks David,

    I don’t read MagPi as much as should – good articles there.


    Kevin Gurney

    I used a Pi 4 in a recent project and found it was getting very hot. I fitted a small fan… Things seem OK now but I was disappointed to see this issue in the Pi lineup. I’ll use a 3 (or 3B) in subsequent projects!


    Terry McKnight

    I have a Pi2 and a Pi4. The latter I fitted with a fan on the processor. It runs cool but over time the fan has become noisier. Not obtrusive but a gentle hum. 

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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