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    John Coffin

    I’ve taken a spectrum of UV Aur because it was on the target list for ARAS and the rectified version is below. I’ve guessed at the labelling of the features. I can’t find much about this star on the web.

    I understand it’s a carbon Mira star, and also a symbiotic star. Are the Balmer absorption lines due to the other star in the binary or part of the carbon Mira? My SkySafari Pro app seems to indicate the other star is an O9II bright giant. 

    My calibration star was iota Crb at an altitude of 39 deg, and the target moved from 42 deg to 32 deg during its acquisition. 

    Can anyone direct me to more information about this star, which isn’t written for someone with a degree in astronomy?

    Andy Wilson

    Hi John,

    Finding detailed information about a specific star can be a challenge. The detailed information is often written by professionals, especially when it comes to spectroscopy. Though if it is an ARAS target, then someone on the ARAS forum may know more.

    This may be too technical, but you can search for journal articles using ADS (SAO/NASA Astrophysics Data System). The below link is to an ADS search for ‘uv aur’ in the journal abstracts:


    Scanning through journal articles can sometimes throw up a useful annotated spectrum, a list of spectral lines, or useful information in the abstract without needing to read the whole article.



    John Coffin

    Thank you Andy, that’s very helpful. John.

    Gary Poyner

    You might also try it’s alternate designation of IRAS 051853227.

    There are a few pages where it’s listed in Kenyons classic book ‘Symbiotic Stars’.  If you contact me off-list, I’ll  copy the relevant pages for you – but the book is still available and it’s worth owning.

    Good luck,


    Robin Leadbeater

    Francois Teyssier on the ARAS forum is a good amateur contact for information on spectroscopy of symbiotics. He produces a regular Eruptive Stars Spectroscopy Newletter which includes regular comentaries by Prof Steve Shore and is now listed on ADS, unusual for an independent amateur publication


    Back issues are also available here




Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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