Very bright fireball at 21:12:24 UT on 2014 July 31

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    Nick James

    Anyone see this very bright event tonight at 21:12 UT (22:12 BST)? This image is from a camera pointing NW from Chelmsford. It was strong twilight so not many stars visible but Polaris is in the top right. Field of view is around 90 deg horizontal.

    MP4 video is here.


    I was setting up in Macclesfield, and looking South I saw a bright flash, with a visible tail. The fireball was visible close to the constellation Aquila.

    I thought at first it was a Perseid but the angle was all wrong.

    Nick James


    Thanks for the visual report. It was also seen from Portsmouth and another NEMETODE camera at the South Downs Planetarium which is operated by John Mason and Russ Slater. William Stewart and Alex Pratt analyzed the SDP data and we have produced a ground track that show that the concrete cows in Milton Keynes should have had a very good view as it went overhead. The original orbit was cometary with e=0.91, i=80, q=0.97au.


    William Stewart

    Very nice work indeed Nick … the orthogonal observing angle between your systems and those of John / Russ in Chichester are proving very productive – really looking forward to the data these deployments will produce. The Chicjester video and orbit plots are available at

    Best regards



    We have this on Clanfield but no useful information would come out of that.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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