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    Joan Genebriera

    Hello all,
    I would like to participate in the 2024 asteroid observation campaign. The Asteroids & Remote Planets page lists the asteroids 2240 Tsai and 5099 Iainbanks as a possible targets for 2024.
    At the moment I have started with the 2240 Tsai in series of images to determine the variations in magnitude. I’ve never done this kind of measurement on asteroids before, so any help from the BAA would be very welcome. Could you please tell me to whom I should send my observations and comments?
    Thank you.

    The equipment used is as follows:
    RC 406mm f/8 telescope + V Johnson photometric filter + Moravian G4-16000 CCD camera
    Pixel scale: 1.14″/pixel
    Star catalog: CMC15
    Software: Astrometrica and Tycho

    Joan Genebriera
    Astropriorat Observatory, Catalonia, Spain MPC code M02

    Dr Paul Leyland

    Hi Joan,

    Your first call should be the ARPS home page, https://britastro.org/sections/asteroids where you will find the director of the section is Richard Miles. Contacting him would be a very good idea.

    Wayne Hawley is coordinating the observations of several asteroids with the intent of deriving rotational periods. In particular, we are concentrating on 703 Noemi this week as that portion of its phase curve is not well determined.

    Rather than give their email addresses here, please send me email directly and I will send them to you. You know where I am!

    Paul (J22)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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