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interesting potential PHA discovered by an amateur team

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interesting potential PHA discovered by an amateur team

This message from Alan Hale
Hello everyone,

The latest group of issued MPECs (specifically, MPEC Y116) includes this interesting object (discovered by Claudine Rinner with the Oukaimeden Observatory) in a comet-like orbit (T_J = 2.75). According to the MPEC orbit — which must still be somewhat uncertain — 2017 YE5 will pass 0.089 AU from Earth on June 18 next year. This is approximately one month after perihelion passage, and it will be rapidly emerging into the morning sky at the time.

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I believe the close approach was June this year (2018), so we've missed the best of it. It is low down in Capricornus now, and dimmer than mag 16, but I might have a go if I get a really clear southern sky.