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(7102) Neilbone

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(7102) Neilbone

I was browsing predictions further north and i see the asteroid named for the late Neil Bone is occulting a v12.6 star on night Feb 26/27 at 0124h 30s UT.  (7102) was the subject of "Project Neil Bone" a low phase angle study in 2010.

Some locations close to the mid-path are:  Kilmarnock, Keilder Observatory, Morpeth.  The path width is about 30km and the star is UCAC4 532-043864.   RA/Dec (2000) 07:57:51 +16:19:09,  R-mag 12.1.  Maximum duration is given as about 2 seconds.

Observers in the vicinity might care to look for the star disappearing briefly as the dim asteroid passes across. Those further a field between the red lines also have a chance. The uncertainty is in the orbital elements of the asteroid.

Clear skies....

(ARPS - Occs)
Map credit - Occultwatcher software and Google maps, prediction by J.Talbot using Occult4.

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