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Dean Norris

Astronomy has been a hobby of mine since childhood. Starting off with 7x50 binoculars, I began learning the constellations. Later, I used an inexpensive 2.5" refractor to delve deeper in the night sky. My first view of Jupiter and it's moons, Saturn with it's rings inspired me to learn and see more. A six and then a 10 inch reflector followed and really expanded what I could see. The 10", I purchased when I was 17, has been my main scope for the last 50 years. 2 years ago I upgraded to a 15" truss dobsonian. Years ago,I dabbled in some astrophotography, but found that visual observing is what I prefer to do. I've observed all the Messier, Herschel I and Herschel II objects with the 10". In addition, I also enjoy observing the planets. When seeing allows, sketching has been a fun way to record the fascinating changes that occur.
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