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Richard Miles

My first astronomical recollection was in the summer of 1957 having seen the brilliant white band of the Milky Way in non-light-polluted skies on my way home from holidaying in North Wales. This was followed later that year in early November by seeing Sputnik II attached to its upper rocket stage, also with the dog, Laika on board, pass nearly overhead as seen from my grandparents' garden in Cheshire.

Fast forward 60 years and I am now based in north Dorset, and operate the Golden Hill Observatory (IAU Code J77), which is in a nice dark-sky region of the UK. However, I am currently in the process of rebuilding the obs and so most of my observing is done over the internet using remotely-controlled telescopes. Keen to extract science from my observations and those of others, I am Director of the Asteroids and Remote Planets Section and also like to study fuzzy asteroids (aka comets), all of which objects are now termed Small Solar System Bodies. I propose to keep a running log of photos and comments here as the observatory takes shape.

(Last updated: 2020 November 10)

Local society membership: Wessex Astronomical Society

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