Previous Section Meetings

Our 2020 Section Meeting was an online webinar on the 21st November. 

Our 2020 Section Webinar 

Our 2019 Section meeting took place on June 8th, at the Mencap Centre, Newbury, meeting place of Newbury AS

Our 2019 Section Meeting

Our 2018 Section meeting took place on Saturday 26th May, at the Smith Gallery and Museum, Stirling:

Our 2018 Section Meeting

Our 2017 Section meeting, took place on Saturday 25th November, at the Birmingham Midland Institute, with a theme of:

Nineteenth Century Astronomy

Our 2016 section meeting, was at the Quaker Meeting House, Liverpool, on Saturday May 21st, with a theme of:

Observational Astronomy through the Ages

Our 2015 Section meeting took place on Saturday March 28th. It was a joint meeting with the Society for the History of Astronomy at the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich.

Our 2015 Section Meeting

Our 2014 Section Meeting, took place on Saturday 3rd May, at the Friargate Quaker Centre, York, with a theme of:

North Country Astronomy – Old and New

Our 2013 section meeting took place on Saturday April 6th 2013, as part of the BAA’s Winchester Week-End, with a theme of:

Observational Astronomy and Telescope Making

Our 2012  section meeting was our second and took place on Saturday May 5th 2012, at  Soho House, Handsworth, Birmingham, with a theme of:

Astronomy in the Industrial Age

2010 saw our first section meeting – we think the very first ever meeting of the BAA’s Historical Section. It took place at the Institute of Astronomy, Cambridge, on November 27th 2010, with a theme of

Twentieth Century Astronomy

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