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    Denis Buczynski

    Hello all,

    Can anybody show me how to access the back list of BAA Electronic Circulars. Are they available on the BAA Website. Thanks

    Denis Buczynski




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    Nick James

    Did you mean the Circulars (at the link provided by Martin) or the e-bulletins? The e-bulletins were archived somewhere but I can’t find them on this site.


    Denis, if you mean the e-bulletins there is an archive here:


    Dominic Ford

    That link is indeed the best place to find old eBulletins. It should remain accessible indefinitely, despite recent changes to the BAA’s mailing lists.

    There used to be an alternative archive here… <>… which is probably the one Nick was thinking of, but it’s no longer advertised asn nobodywas updating it.

    I don’t know what archival plans anybody has for the new email lists.

    Denis Buczynski

    Thanks to all, it was the link that Dominic gave that took me back far enough in the EBULLETINS to 2007 that I wanted Denis

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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