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    James Dawson

    What factors determine the presence or not, or the intensity of Earthshine? It seems to me to be more evident in recent months both to the naked eye and in many lf the lovely inages people take of the Moon.


    Graham Winstanley

    I thought it was dependent on the clouds reflecting sunlight. We have had lots of those recently! Graham

    Peter Mulligan

    Hi James

    Like Graham says its  mainly clouds, so I suppose the more cloud cover, the more light is reflected off the Earth. So probably the more intense the reflection from the Moons darkside.


    James Dawson

    Interesting. Thanks.

    Steve Harvey

    Hi James,
    Earthshine depends upon the Earths albedo (reflectivity).

    At the time around the New Moon, (from the perspective of the surface of the moon that faces the Earth) the Earth will be lit at a maximum – thus will reflect back to the moons surface at a maximum.
    Spring for the Northern hemisphere has on average the highest albedo of the year.
    Snow and Ice has the most affect upon albedo (far more so than water).
    The affect is also seen at a maximum at moonrise and set.

    James Dawson

    Thanks Steve


    Is “Earth shine” also a good indication of how clear the atmosphere is?

    I have seen ES. Many times, especially when the air is cold, and the ground frosty.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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