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    Dr Paul Leyland

    Not sure if it is just me but the forum has been acting very strangely today.

    Several threads from 2021 have suddenly become “new”. The threads all contain posts by some called “Anonymous”. Earlier today a username was given but I failed to take note of it and can no longer remember the details.

    Callum Potter

    There were some spam forum replies which were confusing the website – these have now been dealt with, so things should be back to normal (whatever that is).


    Grant Privett

    One of the fora has a latest update by Digital Monk Marketing. But I cannot see it on the list of contributors. Are we being attacked again.?


    It doesn’t inspire confidence in the security of the website. Has the site been tested for SQL injection vulnerabilities?

    Andy Wilson

    I have removed the post from someone attempting to spam the forum and hopefully blocked them from trying this again. It has been reported to the website developer to see if something can be done to prevent this in future.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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