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    Nick James

    Don’t forget that Jupiter and Venus are approaching conjunction. From the UK the best view will be tomorrow night when they will be around half a degree apart. I had a nice view tonight and the forecast is good for tomorrow too.


    I had a nice view this afternoon.

    I was using my Losmandy G11 with a WO ZS 66SD. It was very starange to see both a gas giant and acid world. Not only visible in the same eyepiece field (24mm Vixen LV) but in daylight!

    Venus is a nice cresent whilts Jupiter was pale and featurless. 

    Nick James


    That’s a nice image. I had a similar view in the early evening. It really does demonstrate how much fainter Jupiter is compared to venus. Here’s my picture from last night.



    Thanks Nick,

    When I was looking at Venus with my Vixen LV Zoom eyepiece (8mm) x48. I thought I could see Venus, Ashen light.

    I suspect this was a trick of the eye, because I was looking at Venus in daylight and against a bright sky. 

    Peter Carson

    Hi All,

    I knew I wouldn’t be able to view the conjunction from my observatory after dark due to horizon obstructions so decided to image the pair in broad daylight. My image was taken at 16.29UT under the blazing Sun.

    Later as it went dark I joined members of my local astronomical club on a nearby hill (not many of those in Essex) and was treated to the conjunction in a dark blue sky. Venus and Jupiter hung in the sky majestically above a bank of thunder cloud which was occasionally lit up by lighting. Great sight!

    I guess observers in East London / South West Essex were in the rain!!


    Jeremy Shears

    My daughter and I spent last evening touring the Cheshire countryside looking for good views of the conjunction, which was absolutely beautiful. The attached pic has Beeston Castle in the foreground.


    Stewart Moore

    3 clear nights in a row (although last night involved dodging patchy cloud) so was able to show visiting non-astronomers this naked eye appulse event over 3 nights.  They were thrilled to see the nightly movement.  Just shows how these simple events can capture the public imagination.


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