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    Xiaoli Biggs

    Hi everyone!

    I am currently trying to find pictures of the Black Eye Galaxy for my school project does anyone know any robotic telescopes that I could use?

    Thank you so much!


    Callum Potter

    Hi Xiaoli,

    M64 sits in the constellation Coma Berenices, which is a bit low in the sky setting in the west at sunset, so is pretty much un-observable at the moment, and I think that remote robotic telescopes in the northern hemisphere won’t allow you to observe that low.

    Really it is a Spring constellation, though might come into view for imaging Feb onwards, depending on the telescope location.

    If you are at school, you could try to get them to get you access to the Faulkes Telescopes, which have some nice big robotic telescopes.

    There are a lot of galaxies available at the moment, so you might need to pick a different one depending on your project needs.

    Best regards,

    Stewart Moore

    Good Morning Xiaoli,

    When you say you are “trying to find a picture” do you mean you want to image the galaxy yourself or just obtain a picture that has already been taken?  For example, by a member of the BAA.



    Xiaoli Biggs

    Thank you!


    Xiaoli Biggs

    Good evening Stewart,

    I was hoping to take one myself but if that wasn’t possible then I would use a photo taken by someone else.

    Kind regards,


    Steve Davies

    Hi Xiaoli,

    Attached is a photo of M64 that I took last April. I’m very new to astrophotography so you will probably find better photos around. I was quite pleased with this effort though!

    Best wishes


    Peter Goodhew FRAS

    Xiaoli, here’s an image I took last April too. Hope it helps. Peter

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