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    Martin Mobberley

    I’ve had a plan for a while now to recreate Patrick’s famous last night concert performance on the good ship Monte Umbe.
    After the 1973 June 30 eclipse cruise the passengers disembarked at the incredibly ‘fragrant’ town of Nouadhibou! Within a very short time Patrick had created a ditty about this experience in Mauritania, which he performed during the last night  concert on the ship…… There was also a very drunken final few lines, late into the night, which Patrick performed with Bill Granger (the BAA chap whose wife, Ethel, had a 13-inch waist!) and a few others….

    Fortunately an old sound track (which I have done my best to enhance) existed in the possession of John C. McConnell and excellent pics of that night were available from Andrew Wells. One of these, that I use for the chorus, clearly shows the brilliant planetary artist Paul Doherty on the lhs. I am indebted to John and Andrew  for supplying this media.

    Anyway, I have stitched sound and vision together in a clunky movie which hopefully will entertain a few BAA members….there are still quite a few survivors from that trip around, in their 60s, 70s and 80s…..
    Short of having a Time Machine I think this is the best way that remarkable performance can be remembered.
    Patrick at his most entertaining, and in his prime!
    Sadly, as a 15 year old schoolboy, I was not on that trip! But, given what I know now, I would have become a truant and a stowaway just to hear that performance!

    The animation is here:



    David Scanlan, FRAS


    Many thanks for uploading this. Did make me smile and it’s great to hear the song after reading so much about it in It came from outer space wearing an RAF Blazer

    Another great video/audio clip to add to the ever increasing Moore archives

    Thanks once again 🙂



    Gary Poyner

    Great stuff Martin. Many thanks. What a hoot!!!


    John Thorpe

    Thanks so much for uploading this Martin. A Patrick gem indeed! After reading “Far Side of Planet Moore” I was about to email you to find out if there were any recordings of this occasion. This kind of thing shows how much things have changed in recent years. If the Monte Umbe sailed now the event would be on numerous phones and cameras and we would all have seen them. Let us hope that the sense of fun, and the readiness to be a little outrageous, have not changed as much as the technology!



    Nick Hewitt

    Laugh out loud stuff- great fun! But I now have the song as an ear worm!!

    Martin Mobberley

    Indeed! It’s hard to get the song out of your head once you’ve listened to it a few times.

    I’m sure a modern performance would win Britain’s Got Talent hands down…..

    Maybe a new band will form to make a cover version?

    I can see Boris Johnson on vocals/piano, an extra guitar riff by Brian May, and Nigel Farage on Bongos…….

    But maybe that’s just me…..?


    Martin Mobberley
    I had so many BAA responses (via e-mail) to my Monte Umbe ‘video’ that I dug out a few old Patrick audio tapes today, and, after a bit of work on the sound, uploaded them. None are as entertaining as the Monte Umbe performance, but they are still a nostalgic trip back to the late 1970s and 1980s, which seems like yesterday. The Kettering Grammar school prog may be particularly interesting to amateur radio astronomy enthusiasts, at least I would imagine it would be…..?
    The other recordings cover Patrick as a Radio 4 birthday guest (just before he turned 56) in 1979 and Patrick talking to John Dunn on Radio 2 in 1989…….with quite a few Halley memories, plus other stuff.  Sound quality is far from perfect, but then they were made from old audio cassettes that were almost falling apart………   Enjoy!
    Midweek 1979
    Kettering Connection 1985
    John Dunn 1989
    Martin Mobberley

    Just noticed that the URLs in the previous message seem to have acquired an extra prefix of!x-usc: which has made them totally useless! So, the prefix either needs to be removed or just go to the original Monte Umbe link and, from my Youtube ‘channel’ select another video! Hope this is clearer than mud………


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