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    Callum Potter

    *** No warranty expressed or implied ***

    Sky & Telesope are running a beginners spectroscopy webinar ‘live’ on Thursday, which might interest members thinking about getting into the subject.

    Even if you can’t attend, you can replay the session and access the materials.

    There is a cost, but it does not seem excessive…

    Full details on the S&T website.

    Would be interested to hear from anyone that signs up for it, and attends.

    Thanks, Callum

    Andy Wilson

    Thanks for posting this Calum. Very interesting that spectroscopy is gradually getting more coverage.

    I’m tempted to watch, but as there is a cost and it is more targetted at those starting out in spectroscopy I’ll probably give it a miss. Still very pleasing that S&T are showing an interest in spectroscopy.



    David Strange

    Tom Field is an enthusiastic speaker and gave a free webinar on Spectroscopy with a Star Analyser to the Norman Lockyer Observatory some years ago. He used Webex, and although he was in Portland, Oregon at the time, the transmission was flawless and it was as if he was in the room giving his presentation. I am sure he is still offering this service if you can’t make this Sky&Tel webinar.


    Robin Leadbeater

    It really just covers simple applications of the Star Analyser and RSpec so if you have done any spectroscopy already or have been to any of my general spectroscopy talks (Chasing Rainbows, Science from Starlight, BAAVSS workshops etc) then it is probably not worth it. (Tom is a good software writer and speaker but he has mostly picked up his knowledge of spectroscopy from others rather than from personal experience)



    owen brazell

    They also appear to be doing one on Nightscape photography which could be interesting. Not science I know but something more pople are gettin into. Interesting that S&T appear to be trying to branch out into different ways of making money.



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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