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    Dominic Ford

    We’ve just published the answers to our Christmas Quiz at the bottom of this page:

    If you’ve not already had a go at the questions, it’s not too late!

    We’d be interested to know how everyone did. The feedback we’ve had suggested it was pretty tough, and a few people I know got scores in the single digits. So, I think anyone who did better than half marks (without looking the answers up!) knows the sky pretty well!

    Howard Davies

    Grand total of 22.

    Hazel McGee

    Only 20 I’m afraid.  Round 6 (Instruments) let me down….Fun quiz, and beautifully presented, thankyou.  Happy Christmas everyone!

    Hazel M.

    Philip Denyer

    Only 15 for me, I struggled with Instruments as well. A good set of balanced questions.

    Mike Scarisbrick

    I managed 19, but probably only knew 10. Not so much the 9 correct answers I alighted upon, but the 3 I thought I knew but actually didn’t that stick in the memory.

    As family entertainment…. I’m afraid after 5 questions a group decision was made to abandon the quiz in favour of “Exploding kittens”.

    I enjoyed it when I did it though – so thank you.

    Dominic Ford

    I’m glad we provided family entertainment with the first five questions at least :-).

    This was a first for the BAA, and my co-conspirator (James Dawson) and I weren’t sure how difficult to make the questions. I was keen not to have people getting full marks, so we went for a spread from ‘difficult’ to ‘very difficult’. On balance, I think perhaps we’ll include some slightly easier questions next year!

    James Lancashire

    Spelling mistake in Q33: it’s Trifid

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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