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    Andy Wilson

    Videos are now available to view online of the BAA Summer meeting – Exploring Solar Systems Near and Far

    And the joint meeting of the BAA and AAVSO on Variable Stars:

    They may be accessed via the above links, or by selecting Events and then Videos of meetings from the website menus.

    Thanks to Dominic Ford for his hard work in getting all 27 meeting videos processed and uploaded within a week of the meeting.

    Andy Wilson

    BAA Systems Administrator and Web Content Editor

    David Swan

    Thanks very much Dominic – and Andy.

    Mr Jack Martin

    Andy and  Dominic,

    Thanks for your efforts,


    Essex UK

    Grant Privett

    27 movies that fast? Heroic!

    Dr Andrew Smith

    Yes thanks to Andy and Dominic for their expert work.

    May I ask what are the rules and or copy write issues on sharing these with other either directly or via other astronomy forums?

    Specifically with me sharing the talk I gave but a more general answer would be appreciated as well.

    Regards Andrew

    Tony Rodda

    Hi Andy,

    I’m only getting the first few slides of Mario Motta’s presentation.

    Is it loaded incorrectly or am I dopey?

    PS, See my dark skies plea posted elsewhere…



    Andy Wilson

    Hi Tony,

    At what point does the video stop? I have done a basic check of the start, middle and end of all 27 presentations, and just did a more detailed check on Mario’s presentation and it looked OK, but I did not rewatch all of it.

    Is there a chance you were not logged in, or that your browser did not recognise that you were logged in? If you are not logged in then you can watch the first 2 minutes and then the video stops.

    Mario’s email address is at the end of the presentation, so once you can view it then you will have his contact details. If you still have trouble, then it may be worth contacting by email to trouble shoot. We would need to check browser and operating system as it could be some kind of compatibility issue. The videos may not play on older browser and operating systems, though downloading them should get around this problem.

    I see you posted your dark skies plea twice. I would usually recommend posting the same message to just a single forum. Otherwise you will need to look at 2 posts to get the whole message and it will knock another post off the top 4 shown on the homepage.



    Andy Wilson

    Hi Andrew,

    The general answer is that the video’s are copyright of the BAA and watching them is considered a benefit of being a member, in the same way as viewing the Journal online. The end of each video has a copyright message. Also note that sharing a link to a video does not allow non-members to watch it. You have to be logged in to see beyond the first 2 minutes.

    Of course your own PowerPoint presentation remains yours to do with as you wish.

    Best wishes,


    Paul Luckas

    Very much appreciated by those of us in the colonies.

    Thanks to all involved,


    John Thorpe

    My thanks too for making these videos available so quickly. A huge service to those of us who live far away.

    Having just finished reading Dava Sobel’s “The Glass Universe” my first choice was the fascinating talk on Williamina Paton Fleming. 

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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